Special Care Dentistry

If you or someone you know needs special care dentistry due to a disability or illness, call Itani Dental at (415) 685-0011 to discuss your options. People dealing with physical or mental disabilities and illnesses can look into special care dentistry. A special care dentist is a dental professional with the skills and experience to efficiently handle the dental needs of patients with special needs. Itani Dental’s staff of special care dentists works to satisfy the needs of San Francisco residents with disabilities. Our patient-friendly mentality makes us a perfect choice for special care dentistry in the Bay Area.

Who We Can Help

We serve patients with several forms of medical and physical disabilities at our dental office. For example, we have a lot of elderly patients dealing with hearing impairment and light sensitivity. As you get older, it may be harder for you to detect oral health issues. This difficulty is brought upon by a loss of pain sensors in the mouth. Our approach is careful, and our staff is highly skilled at catering our dental process to your needs.

Some of our patients have mobility issues that make it difficult for them to travel to our office. That’s why we offer to treat patients from the comfort of their homes. Our team travels up to a 60-mile radius from our special care dentistry in San Francisco, CA, to help those with special needs.

Additionally, we provide dental services to those with mental disabilities. People with mental disabilities often need assistance from caregivers to interpret our instructions and oral health care advice. Our team works well with patients with learning disabilities and can ease their stress and provide the care they deserve.

Aside from patients that are aging or have mental disabilities, we also care for people who have a mental illness, behavioral issue, complex medical condition, or other concerns. Whatever you’re going through, we can make your trip to the dentist as seamless as possible.

About Dr. Itani

Dr. Itani is one of the top professionals who study special care dentistry in San Francisco, CA. He is a member of many prestigious organizations. Namely, he is the Chairman of the California Hospital Dental Group and has a vast background in treating patients with special needs.

Itani Dental works with patients with Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and more. We understand the sensitivity of providing dental services to these kinds of patients. That’s why we’ve assembled a staff of not only masterful dentists but warm-hearted human beings as well.

The flexibility of our special care dentistry services is what separates us from other dental offices in the Bay Area. We offer house calls for our patients and accept most insurance plans.

Get in Touch With Dr. Itani

With over a decade in special care dentistry in San Francisco, CA, Dr. Itani is a favorite of the Bay Area community. Dr. Itani and his staff of expert dentists know how to treat those with special needs and other disabilities.

Schedule an appointment with us today if you feel that you could benefit from seeing Dr. Itani. We also welcome phone calls at (415) 685-0011.