Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry in San Francisco

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In a recent study from DentaVox, 10,980 out of 18,000 people claim they have some level of phobia regarding going to the dentist, meaning dental phobia is one of the most common fears that people suffer from. If you have a phobia of the dentist, then hospital dentistry from Itani Dental could be for you.

Itani Dental is a San Francisco resident’s home for hospital dentistry in the Bay Area. Our team consists of dental professionals who know how to work with people who struggle with the traditional dental office settings.


Hospital Dentistry Candidates

There are many reasons why patients seek out hospital dental care. Firstly, we have affiliations with many local San Francisco hospitals. When a patient a hospital is treating encounters a dental emergency, they’ll call us, and one of our talented dentists will attend to them.

Similarly, we treat multiple patients suffering from head and neck cancer with dental treatments and oral surgery. Whenever a patient is dealing with a complex medical condition, a hospital dentist is essential. Radiation and chemotherapy can cause long-term oral health issues, so we’ll thoroughly inspect a patient’s teeth before they undergo one of these treatments.

Additionally, our team will take you to the hospital if you have dental office phobia. Treating dental patients at a hospital provides them with a safe environment with hospital anesthesiologists nearby to sedate them if necessary.

We assemble a team of dental and medical professionals to ensure the most comfortable experience for our patients.

Our Team

The Itani Dental team has no weak links. We are a collective of highly skilled dental professionals who strive to make our patients happy with our smooth and efficient work process. We understand the stress and fear that comes with a trip to the dentist. That’s why we take a patient-first approach to everything we do.

We have an emotional investment in all of our patients and continue to forge new relationships each day.

Dr. Samer Itani knows San Francisco and the Bay Area like the back of his hand. Having grown up here, Dr. Itani dedicates his life to the dental needs of the community. Members of the Itani team are multilingual and highly skilled in providing dental services to individuals with dental fears.

A unique thing that Itani Dental offers is house calls to patients who can’t be in a dental office. If you live within a sixty-mile radius of our office in San Francisco, we can arrange an at-home dentist appointment for you. This appointment takes away the stress of a general dentistry appointment and is practical for patients battling mental or physical disabilities.


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Itani Dental is a full-service dental office providing cosmetic, emergency, rehabilitation, and hospital dentistry services to the San Francisco, CA community. If you have a fear of the dentist or an immune-compromising illness, call us today at (415) 685-0011 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll discuss some possible solutions.