San Francisco Sedation Dentistry


With more than a decade of experience working with special care and special needs patients, as well as holding several hospital affiliations allowing for intravenous or general anesthesia, Dr. Itani can help you determine your best sedation choice. Your safety and comfort is our utmost concern in Sedation Dentistry.

There are a number of reasons why our patients may need sedation while undergoing treatment. A patient may have:

  • Severe Fear or Phobia requiring Sedation Dentistry
  • Cognitive or General Anxiety Disorders needing Sedation Dentistry
  • Sensitive Gag Reflex; or
  • Medical or age-related conditions that compromise his/her ability to remain still enough to ensure the utmost safety during treatment.


A large segment of people in the Special Needs community cannot receive the dental care they require because their condition makes them unable to travel to a conventional dental office or hospital for treatment.


Also, House Call Dental Sedation is often needed because customary House Call Dentistry is not suitable due to conditions they may have that make treatment impossible without sedation.

Itani Dental solves this problem and opens a pathway to dental health for these people by providing the needed Bay Area House Call Dental Sedation with its House Call treatment.



  • Conscious sedation (awake and aware): Conscious sedation is also known as “relaxation,” or “comfortable” dentistry. For patients with minimal anxiety or fear, it can be achieved with nitrous gas. For patients exhibiting mild fear, a mild gag reflex or for simpler/quicker procedures, conscious sedation can also be achieved with an oral sedative. Each option can be used alone, or may be combined to customize the level and duration of sedation in Sedation Dentistry.
  • Nitrous Gas (inhalation sedation): Used for over 100 years, nitrous gas is an excellent analgesic administered via a nasal hood, and can be easily fine-tuned by the dentist. All bodily functions remain essentially normal, and effects wear off quickly.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: The patient self-administers, usually about an hour before treatment. After consulting with us, we will determine the most appropriate oral sedation medication and dosage based upon your health history and necessary duration of action. An added bonus of this option is that it has an amnesic that leaves a patient with little or no memory after treatment.
  • Deep conscious sedation (asleep and unaware): Deep conscious sedation options exist for patients who need to take sedation to the next level because of extreme phobia, physical, developmental, or mental/emotional limitations that prevent them from being able to remain still and/or cooperative for procedures.
  • I.V. (intravenous) Sedation: Known as “conscious, or deep conscious, sedation,” patients feel they are sleeping, but can still respond to direction or inquiry. Sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream intravenously with more potent drugs than used for oral conscious sedation. This option will impact bodily functions and requires specialized monitoring equipment.
  • Unconscious sedation (asleep and unaware): Unconscious sedation may also be indicated for patients who require multiple treatments that they would like addressed in as few sittings as possible.
  • General Anesthesia: This option is appropriate for patients who have the most severe phobia or physical/developmental conditions, including severe gag reflexes. General anesthesia must be performed by an anesthesiologist and requires a hospital affiliation. Once anesthetized, a patient is in a complete state of unconsciousness during treatment. The patient will have no sensation or memory of the treatment. Patients with treatment needs that span a number of hours may find general anesthesia the most comfortable option for sedation, and in most cases they can return home safely within 2-4 hours after their procedures.

Experience the full spectrum of sleep and sedation dentistry options at Itani Dental. With over a decade of expertise, Dr. Itani prioritizes your safety and comfort, ensuring a stress-free dental experience for patients with severe phobias, anxiety disorders, or medical conditions.

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