House Call Sedation Dentistry

House Call Dental Sedation Dentistry in San Francisco

A large segment of people in the Special Needs community cannot receive the dental care they require because their condition makes them unable to travel to a conventional dental office or hospital for treatment.

Itani Dental San Francisco is dedicated to caring for the fearful, phobic, and disabled communities. With more than 10 years of experience in Sleep and Sedation Dentistry, as well as Hospital Dentistry using general anesthesia, we are committed to patient comfort and safety. Dr. Itani can treat patients with: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, Heart disease, dental fears or phobias, Autism, Down’s Syndrome and the medically and/or physically compromised. Because of his experience and the unique nature of our practice – providing Sleep and Sedation Dentistry for patients with fears or special needs—Dr. Itani is a noted expert in this field.

His affiliations include:


  • President of the California Hospital Dental Group
  • Member of the American Association of Hospital Dentists
  • Member of the Special Care Dental Association
  • Medical staff at Dental Division at Kaiser Permanente
  • Medical staff at California Pacific Medical Center Hospitals (CPMC)
  • Commissioner of the Department of Aging and Adult Services for City & County of San Francisco
  • California Pacific Medical Center – Sutter Health Hospitals
  • Kaiser Permanente San Francisco
  • Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
  • Kaiser Permanente San Jose
  • San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services
  • American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
  • Special Care Dentistry Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • French American Foundation for Medical Research and Education
  • International Association for Disability and Oral Health