Considering that in-home dental care is a service many dentists refuse to offer, Dr. Itani provides this particular service for his patients. General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, cleaning & prevention are some of the dental services offered through our home visits service. This service provided by Itani Dental is geared toward those special needs patients who may be unable to make it into our office, or who have severe dental phobias…See The Full Article

Dr. Samer Itani offers premier dental services such as sedation & cosmetic dentistry. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Itani recommends different sedation options for patients with special needs or patients with moderate to severe phobias. Some of these sedation options include Nitrous Oxide, Oral Sedation, IV Sedation & General Anesthesia. These options are important so that each patient can receive excellent dental care and achieve optimal oral health…See the Full Article Here

At Itani Dental we believe in flexibility for all of our patients. This is why we offer our home dentistry services. Dr. Samer Itani’s home dentistry services are available for those with special needs including wheel-chair bound, physical disorders or a dental phobia. Dr. Itani performs numerous dental services including mobile screenings for big or small groups… Read More

According to an article by Inside Dentistry a correlation exists between the lack of pediatric dentists and increasing dental problems among children. Considering that children generally need to be treated using sedation dentistry methods, more dentists should be active in training for this dental procedure. As an experienced dentist in pediatrics and sedation dentistry, Dr. Itani gives advice for potential candidates for this treatment and related options… Read More

In a segment that aired on KRON 4 Dr. Itani discussed the need for his dental services in particular home dentistry. Dr. Itani is able to perform many services during a home visit including some cosmetic dentistry treatments (denture repair, removal of teeth). Check out this article to learn more about our home care dentistry services…Read More Here

“The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many people,” said Dr. Itani. “It can be easy to lose track of the last time you visited the dentist.” Between the candy corn on Halloween to the those sweet snowman cookies on Christmas, we tend to put our dental health on the back burner. Regular teeth cleanings are essential to avoiding dental services and procedures such as dental implants or, having to call an emergency dentist. Being proactive in the upkeep of your teeth is one of the most important things you can do during any season…

Whether it is dental implants or a regular teeth cleaning, at Itani Dental we desire to see ALL of our patients be able to receive the oral care needed. Sedation dentistry is one of the best options for patients who need dental care yet have serious dental phobias or special needs. Our sedation dentistry services are important because there are about 10-15% of people with such a strong dental fear that they tend to stay away from the dentist. These are important issues that we address at Itani Dental…Read More Here