San Franciso Dentist Offers Special Care Dentistry

San Franciso Dentist Offers Special Care Dentistry

Itani Dental / San Francisco, CA – A leading San Francisco dentist has announced that it now offers special care dentistry, allowing people with a variety of physical and mental health conditions to have their dental treatment carried out in a safe, accepting, and comfortable environment.

Itani Dental is a top San Francisco dentist. Run by Dr. Samer A. Itani, Dr. Christina Woo, and Dr. Travis Smith, and their team, the dental office is highly rated for the services they provide within San Francisco. This includes general dentistry, emergency dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. They are now officially one of the only dental offices within San Francisco that caters to those with special needs.

Itani Dental has decades of collective experience treating people with all manner of physical and mental health conditions. The dental office has invested heavily in equipment and training to ensure that they can cater to people with:

  • Autism: the dental office can offer lengthier appointment times for those who may have autism. This allows the patient to spend some extra time getting used to their environment, or to help to deal with any issues that may arise during the treatment.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: the team at Itani Dental is specially trained to keep Alzheimer’s patients comfortable during their treatment. A variety of equipment and services are utilized to make the treatment as smooth as possible.
  • Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Cerebral Palsy: the dental office is equipped with the latest in dental tech to ensure that those living with cerebral palsy are comfortable no matter the length of their treatment.
  • Down Syndrome: Itani Dental can provide unique treatment options for those with Down Syndrome. This includes simple and more complex treatments. The staff are specially trained and can offer advice to both the patient and their carer at every step of the oral health journey.
  • Extreme Phobia: for patients who live with extreme phobia, the dental office provides a variety of options, including sedation dentistry. Patients with extreme phobia can be provided with extra privacy to make the process more comfortable for them.

Patients with special needs who wish to take advantage of the services provided by Itani Dental should reach out to the dental office today. They can provide further information.

About Itani Dental

Itani Dental is a leading San Francisco dentist. They provide a wealth of services to patients throughout San Francisco, but they have recently begun to specialize in providing dentistry to patients with special needs, including autism, Alzheimer’s, and Down Syndrome.

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