Risk Evaluation Dentistry

We use an evidence based approach to dentistry. It is derived from what is known as the “Cambra” model, which includes a risk assessment system for decay, aggressive preventative measures as dictated by the risk assessment, and conservative toogh restorations. Researchers at the UCSF School of Dentistry have found that it can dramatically reduce decay.

The risk assessment derives from a clinical exam, the patient’s dental and medical histories, and a thorough review of the patients’s behaviors that might affect oral health. From a study of these factors, a treatment plan is formulated to address the patient’s prevention and decay reversal needs. After careful consultation and follow up with the patient, the plan is put into practice. It includes a schedule of cleaning and periodic maintenance appointments established in accordance with the patient’s Cambra risk assessment.

It includes a patient specific instructional program for the patient to follow to prevent and in some cases reverse tooth decay.